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The men and women of the space programs around the Earth are the explorers of the future.

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Nasa The best place for information from the people who go there. "NASA is deeply committed to spreading the unique knowledge that flows from its aeronautics and space research...."
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A Tribute to Allen B. Shepard Alan Shepard was one of those kids who hung around airports when aviation was just getting established in the thirties. After school and on weekends, he'd high-tail it to the landing field so he could help push airplanes in and out of hangars. Sometimes the pilots would let him sit at the controls and work the stick. When they felt it was time for a bigger reward they'd take Alan flying with them. He knew then that aviation was going to be his life. It was just a matter of sticking with it.
All About Astronauts How the Astronauts live in Space including how they Eat, Sleep, Exercise. It even has details on how you become one.
The Unofficial Astronaut Hopefuls Resource Do you want to be an Astronaut? Are you an Astronaut Hopful? This site has information that can help you follow your dream.
Astronaut Biographies Do you want to know how Astronauts became who they are and what their lives are like? Thsi site has that type of information.
Astronaut Selection Homepage Your online source for Astronaut Selection Information. Find out how NASA selects Astronauts and what the requirements are.
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