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These images were all taken without a telescopes.
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  Gas and dust lanes in Saggitarius.  
  The above image was taken by S.F. Sherrod. Canon200mm, f/2.8, Fujichrome 1600D, 5 minute exposure on homemade camera tracking platform. Simple and inexpensive equipment. The below image was also taken by S.F. Sherrod Canon 200mm FD lens. Three minute exposure on motorized, homemade camera tracking platform. Fujichrome 1600D. This photo shows M-8, M-20 and M-23.  
  The Image below was taken by John Judish. The Orion shot is a 10 minute exposure from a piggy-backed Nikon using Fujicolor Xtra ASA800 film with a 210mm lens in the middle of Denver.  
The below Orion shot was taken piggy-back with a Nikon CoolPix 990 digital camera on a 1 minute exposure with the sensitivity set at ASA400 and a 210mm lens.


  M27 High Res RGB Optical Guidance Systems Ritchie Cretien 12.5 F9 / Camera a Finger lakes Site chip  
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