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  Nebula Image Gallery  
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These first three photos were taken by Stephen Pitt. Taken through a Skywatcher 150 f8. Two exposures, composited with registar. Camera: Nikon F3. Film: Fuji Xtra 800-25 & 34 minute exposures. GM8 mount.

The Image below is the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas. Image taken through a 300mm SD @ 5.6 for 1/2 hour on Fuji Xtra 800. Camera: Nikon F3.

Below is a one-hour, manually-guided exposure of the Lagoon Nebula through a Skywatcher 150mm f8 on Kodak Elitechrome II in a Nikon F3.

This next batch of images were taken by Skyshooter. Most Images cover a minimum of 1.7 arc seconds per pixel. M1 High Res RGB Optical Guidance Systems Ritchie Cretien 12.5 F9 / Camera a Finger lakes Site chip.
M27 High Res RGB Optical Guidance Systems Ritchie Cretien 12.5 F9 / Camera a Finger lakes Site chip
IC434 RGB Optical Guidance Systems Ritchie Cretien 12.5 F9 / Camera a Finger lakes Site chip
M42 Trapezium 3,255mm High res RGB Astrophysics 6" F21 / SBIG ST7E
M16 B/W High Res using a Astrophysics 6" F7 / SBIG ST7E

The below image is from David on his first night at Astrophotography: 8" skywatcher newt F5, Fuji 800 Superia film, 2x barlow making it F10, 8 minute exposure, Moderately light polluted skies Pentax K1000 camera, Home brew web cam autoguided with Quickcam VC, Tasco 60mm & laptop software.

The batch of images below were taken by Tommy Taylor. Under the guidance of John Sefick (who was the founder, principal donor and original director of the Chaco Observatory) for the below two nebula shots. The two images (Flame/Horsehead and Orion Nebulae) taken in September, 2000, at the Chaco Observatory (Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM). Both were taken with a 5" f4 Takahashi and an ST-8E camera using adaptive optics. The images were composed from 5 minute exposures in red and green and 6 minutes exposure in blue, with dark frame subtraction.

The (Ring Nebula and M-102), taken at Chaco in October, 2000. This was taken using a 14" Celestron SCT at f7 and an ST-7E camera using adaptive optics. The Ring was taken at 5 minutes with dark frame subtraction.

The Picture below was taken by Pat Saunders.
Here's a picture of the Horsehead Nebula. Scope: Takahashi FS102 at F8 Camera: F3 HP Film: Kodak EliteChrome 200. Exposure: 1 hour Guider: ST-4 Location: Lower Florida Keys-January 2000
The Horsehead Nebula

The image of M17 below is a combination of 12 five minute exposures. Taken by Rockett Crawford. Camera: ST7 ABG CCD. Telescope: Intes MN61 6 inch F/6 Maktusov-Newtonian on a Losmandy G-11 mount. The location was in Oklahoma. Image processing: Flat field correction, upper intensity compression, and histogram stretching. Date taken: July 3 2000.
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