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  Planets of Our Solar System Gallery  
Send us your personally taken Astronomy Photographs.
We will post them here. You can send photographs to us here.

The below images of Mars were taken by Terry Robinson in Melbourne Australia.

Details about each image are listed with it. Click each image for a larger view.

This first image is from Dan Chaffee in Kansas City, Mo.. He writes "here is the best drawing of Saturn I've done. I used colored pencils on vellum. Since colored drawing requires strong white light, I had to make notes while observing that would be incorporated as soon as I could get inside and start the actual drawing. I probably spent around three hours on it, carefully building light layers of tiny strokes of slightly different colors to arive at what finally looked right. The transparency was rather good that night, which allowed for good observations of the slight color differences of the planet and rings.Seeing was good enough to show a faint trace of the Enke gap, which I have tried to show as realistically as I saw it."

This next image was taken by Luis Eguren. Using a DS-10 (older version of Starfinder) through a 2.8 Klee Barlow using a QuickCam VC. 30 images were stacked in 2 x 2.

The next two images are from Joe Martz in Los Alamos, NM. Taken January 24th, 2001. Jupiter and Saturn. 10" LX-200 f/10 w/ Televue Nagler 9mm and Lumicon 2" Star Diagonal. Eyepiece projection photograph with Nikon Coolpix 990 attached to eyepiece via 28mm step ring. Coolpix on max optical zoom, camera in manual mode and pictures triggered with remote release cable. Jupiter: 1/8 s, f/4.0; Saturn: 1/2 s, f/4.0. Files cropped and levels adjusted with Photoshop 5.0; no color manipulation.

The below images were taken by John Judish. These pictures were taken with a Nikon CoolPix 990 digital camera with a Meade 8" LX50. The Saturn and Jupiter shots were shot through the lens (26mm 80X) at 1/15 sec and f3.6. The composite picture of digital images put together with Photoshop showing Orion and some shots of Jupiter and Saturn.

Below is a picture of Saturn that was taken by Phil Watt using a: Meade ETX90EC (90mm) at Prime Focus using a fan cooled color Quickcam; 60 images stacked.

The below image of Jupiter was taken by Kip on November 20th at 7:10pm (PST) useing an Olympus D450 with the afocal method through a CR-150 (6") refractor with a 17mm plossl w/ barlow to make it 72x.A lunar and blue filter were used to cut the glare.
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