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The above images are from David Cash taken of the International Space Station (ISS) as it passed over his back yard. They were taken on 2 consecutive nights, the 7th and 8th of June 2001 on ISS passes that reached a maximum of about 50 degrees altitude. The telescope was a Celestron Ultima 9.25 and the webcam was a standard Philips Vesta Pro. No focal reducers, barlow lenses or eyepiee projection was employed. The webcam was mounted directly at the cassegrain focus of the telescope. He had no means of automatically tracking satellites so he had to track the ISS manually. To aid this he attached a 3 foot wooden stick to the scope tube to act as a kind of lever. This gave him much finer control over positioning the scope. However of the 3 minute AVI files that he acquired, amongst the 1000+ frames only about 20 or so frames actually showed the ISS and of these only 5 were good enough to show detail.located in a heavily light polluted, cloudy and rainy England close to the city of Manchester (53 degrees North, 2 degrees West). Some of his other webcam pictures can be found Here

We would personally like to thank Anthony Ayiomamitis for the images below.
The details about the scopes use and the times can be found Here
Iridium 5 above
Iridium 52 above
Iridium 53 above
Iridium 65 above
Iridium 83
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