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  The Science of Our Daily Lives
If you are a scientist you believe that it is good to find out how the world works, that it is good to find out what the realities are, that it is good to turn over to mankind at large the greatest possible power to control the world...

It is not possible to be a scientist unless you believe that the knowledge of the world, and the power which this gives, is a thing which is of intrinsic value to humanity, and that you are using it to help in the spread of knowledge, and are willing to take the consequences.

- J. Robert Oppenheimer

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Discovery.com A site loaded full of information. Discoveries, Health, Animals, Travel, Lifestyles, School Kids, Discovery.com News Live!, Cams Events, Earth Alert, Fun & Games, Conversations, Explore by Subject
New Scientist This site contains every article from the last 10 years of New Scientist
Physlink Physics information and news. Updated news about Physics and Astronomy. Online education and reference with a very large source of information. This is one of the best physics sites on the Internet. They include a glossary, Physical constants, Unit Conversion, Astro Constants, Nuclear particle data, Periodic tables, Material Safety, Exact time, Equations, Educator Reference, Humidex, Wind-chill information and much much more.
Science Daily ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine. The free, advertising-supported service brings you breaking news about the latest discoveries and hottest research projects in everything from astrophysics to zoology.
Science Manager English Manager Science Editing is an Australian business that offers an online science editing service for all types of science texts (papers, conference presentations, posters, manuals, grant proposals, etc.).
Science Magazine Loaded with science information and the latest discoveries. LIFE SCIENCES Anatomy/Morphology/Biomechanics, Anthropology , Biochemistry ,Botany , Cell Biology, Development , Ecology , Epidemiology , Evolution , Genetics , Immunology , Medicine/Diseases, Microbiology, Molecular Biology , Neuroscience, Pharmacology/Toxicology , Physiology , Psychology , Virology, PHYSICAL SCIENCES Astronomy , Atmospheric Science, Chemistry , Computers/Mathematics , Engineering , Geochemistry/Geophysics , Materials Science , Oceanography , Paleontology , Physics, Physics, Applied , Planetary Science , Other Subjects, Economics, Education , History/Philosophy of Science , Science and Business , Science and Policy , Sociology, Additional Topics, Asia/Pacific News , Corrections , Editorials , Editors' Choice, Enhanced Content , Essays , European News, Latin American News , Net Link, Scientific Community, Technical Comments, Techniques.
Scientific American It's as interesting now as it was back in 1845. Things haven't changed that much -- we're keeping Scientific American as vibrant as it always was, with the introduction of this new online edition. Here, on the World Wide Web, we are creating a new publication that pushes Scientific American into the frontiers of publishing in an electronic medium. Just as Scientific American has tracked key changes in technology for the past 150 years, we are now participating in the radical transformation driven by computer technology.
Science Week Delivered by Email only, ScienceWeek has appeared regularly each week since May 1, 1997. Until 31 July 1998, the publication was completely free to all subscribers. In August of 1998 a small subscription fee was instituted in order to keep SW viable. Subscription rates are maintained as low as possible to maximize the use of ScienceWeek as an educational resource.
  The True Science of the Stock Market "Chaos"
"At the beginning there was chaos, nothing but void, formless matter, infinite space."

- Hesiod's Theogeny (@700 B.C.E.) in Part I:

Chaos FAQ What is dynamical systems theory?
Chaos Introduction Chaos theory is among the youngest of the sciences, and has rocketed from its obscure roots in the seventies to become one of the most fascinating fields in existence.
  Science News from Space
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