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  The Planet Mercury
Mercury - The planet closest to the sun. In Roman mythology, the fleet-footed messenger god and escort of dead souls to the underworld (Greek name, Hermes).
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Mercury would be if the sun
was only 10 feet tall.


  • The NASA Planetary Photojournal This service, developed as a collaboration between NASA's Planetary Data System Imaging Node, the Solar System Visualization Project,and JPL's Media Relations Office, is designed to provide you with easy access to the publicly released images from various Solar System exploration programs.
  • Mercury Lots of scientific information and images of the planet which is closest to our sun.
  • Mercury Information Information and links of our missions to Mercury and the information that know about this small dot near our sun. Information includes a Table of Contents Mercury Statistics Animations of Mercury Views of Mercury References Mercury Resources Mercury Exploration Chronology Mercury Map Images Mercury Photo/Animation Gallery


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