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  The Planet Saturn

Saturn - Planet sixth in order from the sun. In Roman mythology, god of agriculture, and father of Jupiter (Greek name, Cronos).

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Saturn and it's impressive rings
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Saturn would be if the sun
was only 10 feet tall.


  • Cassini Voyage To Saturn Science, Mission, Spacecraft , Flight Ops, Summary, Partners, Why Go?, Kid's Page, Images/Video, Nuclear Safety, Virtual Tour, Related Links, Products, Edu. Material, Journal, FAQ, More Info, Educator Workshops at JPL, Cassini Swingby Images and more.
  • Space Views Cassini On October 15, 1997 NASA launched the Cassini mission to Saturn. Billed as the last of the giant planetary science missions, it is a relic in an era where smaller, faster, cheaper spacecraft like Mars Pathfinder have become dominant. Cassini will spend almost seven years traveling more than a billion kilometers from Earth to Saturn. Once there it will spend at least four years studying the planet, its rings and magnetosphere, and its moons, including Titan, one of the most intriguing worlds in the entire solar system.
  • Saturn Events What is on it's way for Saturn and What is planned.Detailed information about the Saturn system and it's moons plus links to other Saturn information.
  • Saturn's Ring System The rings of Saturn have puzzled astronomers ever since they were discovered by Galileo in 1610 using the first telescope. The puzzles have only increased since Voyagers 1 and 2 imaged the ring system extensively in 1980 and 1981. In addition to the images, several Voyager instruments observed occultations of the ring system with radial resolution as fine as 100 meters. The rings have been given letter names in the order of their discovery.
  • The Planet Saturn Saturn has been known since prehistoric times. Galileo was the first to observe it with a telescope in 1610; he noted its odd appearance but was confused by it. Early observations of Saturn were complicated by the fact that the Earth passes through the plane of Saturn's rings every few years as Saturn moves in its orbit.
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