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  The Planet Venus

Venus - Planet second in order from the sun. In Roman mythology, goddess of love (Greek name, Aphrodite).

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Venus would be if the sun
was only 10 feet tall.


  • Magellan Highlights of Venus Magellan, the spacecraft sent to map the surface of our sister planet, Venus, has returned an unprecedented amount of data in a successful effort far beyond NASA's original goals. Magellan Project Scientist Steve Saunders and Deputy Project Scientist Ellen Stofan have captured the best of these results in Magellan Highlights of Venus. Informative image captions describe both the features themselves and the methods scientists have used to analyze them, and include discussions of Venusian impact craters, mountains, tessera terrain, coronae, arachnoids, volcanoes, channels, and dunes.
  • Venus Detailed information about the cloud covered planet. Scientific information about the details which surround the green house planet.Plenty of images and research information.
  • Venus Crater Database This web page leads to a database of images and information about the 900 or so impact craters on the surface of Venus.


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