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  The Mercury Missions  

The Mercury Missions were the first US missions to send a human into space. With their small little spacecraft they were able to achieve the first steps to human space exploration.

The first Mercury capsules were not designed with windows. It took the Astronauts of the time to request adding a window before it was even considered.


  • Mercury Program This web site offers detailed information about what the Mercury Missions were, when they flew and who flew on them. Project Mercury began on October 7, 1958, one year and three days after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 and was the United States' first manned space program.
  • Kennedy Space Center Mercury Information page. Mercury Goals, Mercury Overview, Mercury Spacecraft, Mercury Flight Summary, Mercury Missions, Mercury Launch Movie, JSC's Mercury Image Directory, A History of Project Mercury
  • How Stuff Works Gemini Page Did you ever want to know how the Project Mercury missions worked. This site has great details on the Merucry Missions
  • Project Mercury NASA InformationThe United States' first manned space flight project was successfully accomplished in a 4 2/3 year period of dynamic activity which saw more than 2,000,000 people from many major government agencies and much of the aerospace industry combine their skills, initiative, and experience into a national effort.


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