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Of course, it is strange to inhabit the earth no longer, To give up customs one barely had time to learn ...


The International Space Station will be an Awesome site
The Human body is a very fragile thing. It has many needs which must be provided for. What type of habitats will the future be using? The varieties of future habitat will be as diverse as the places we decide to live. While traveling in space, a miniature earth is needed to survive.

The image to the right is real time of the ISS and its current location over the Earth.

Tracking will reload every 15 seconds
Boeing International Space Station Site This site contains an ISS Overview, a section to which information about successive ISS missions will be added as the construction of the station proceeds, and sections on ISS Components and Structures, Systems, and Science. There is a full array of web pages in each of these categories that describes the program and its parts in detail. The Building of the ISS will take years but it will be well worth it
  • NASA ISS Page The space Station of the Future is currently being built as you read this. You can get all the details about it here. The final station will have an end-to-end width, or wingspan, of 108.5 meters (356 feet), 88.4 meters (290 feet) long and will be 43.6 meters (143 feet) tall. It will have a mass of nearly 453.6 metric tons (1 million pounds) and will provide living space for up to seven astronauts and scientists. The pressurized living and working space aboard the completed station will be more than 1303 cubic meters (46,000 cubic feet), roughly equivalent to the passenger cabin volume of two 747 jetliners.
  • CNN City in Space The CNN page on the ISS is a great resource for information. It has an Interactive Space Suit, A clickable ISS, Construction Calendar, Space Station Partners, and an inside Mission Control information.
  • Discovery.com International Space Station The discovery web site is loaded full of more information on the ISS. That have a nice timeline for when modules will be launched and when events will occur on the station.
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